Each lesson is one on one and is customized for each individual child or adult. For example, some prefer a more technical step-by-step approach, some prefer to just freely explore and let the paint flow, and some prefer to explore emotions. By offering one on one sessions I will be able to give you just what you need in a private cozy atmosphere.

  • As each individual is ready I will introduce:
    • color & design
    • the principles & elements of art
    • painting
    • drawing
    • sculpture
    • bringing in references to past & present artists and their art
  • I teach to the end goal of each person finding their own unique pathway & style, so classes are a guided journey of exploration, experimentation & discovery. My desire is to help you navigate freely and shed your baggage of "shoulds" while teaching you the language of art & how to read the art of others.
  • Cost:
    • Please email for cost. 
  • Almost all supplies are included. Most lessons are done on a large archival quality paper which I provide. If you want a canvas stretcher, I keep a display of a variety of sizes of canvases which you may pre-order. I will be ordering these in bulk so you get really nice canvases at wholesale prices. Some sizes I order in super bulk. See the Canvas Prices page for details.
  • I also offer 1/2 hour sessions for children aged two & three. 
  • Periodically the private lessons will organically inspire a group session. Groups sessions are usually four persons and cost is less per person depending on the activity.
  • Last but not least, cleanliness. I encourage everyone to dress messy. However I am very cautious about being sanitary. I wash all commonly used brushes, utensils and surfaces with bleach and soap. I use a little bleach in the paint water so if your children get their hands in it, they may need a bit of hand lotion after class, especially in winter months.

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