I found a nice page showing several of Claes Oldenburg's works. 


My mind is ticking excitedly away thinking of how we could do some soft sculptures using Oldenburg's whimsey and sense of humor. 

I found this great short video showing a museum crew installing Oldenburg's giant BLT sculpture.


Notice how serious a tone the curator is taking as she is talking about this fun, whimsical, silly piece of art about a BLT!

Notice the large scale of all the pieces he does.

Here is a nice video of Oldenburg's giant ice bag sculpture which has mechanical movement!


I love that it shows the making of the inside mechanical structure of the piece.

Please note how near the end she says that he enjoyed the idea that all this expertise was put into something as prosaic as an ice bag, just a leaf blowing in the wind. Here is a different version of the bag in motion


Here is a nice little vid showing Claes drawing plans for his giant fag end [cigarette butt-haha!] 


Note what he says near the middle of this vid about making a beautiful work of art from an ugly topic. 

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