Suzanne Ally is from Dallas, Texas.  She was the recipient of the prestigious Nordan Fine Arts Scholarship at Texas Christian University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Painting in 1980. Suzanne has won several awards for her paintings and has exhibited in numerous exhibitions across the country including a two-person exhibition with her husband, Harry Ally at the 621 Gallery in Tallahassee, Fl, a solo exhibition entitled Painted Words at Valdosta State University, an exhibition with Ray Yeager at the Georgia’s Governors’ Program in Valdosta, GA, an exhibition at the Hayner Arts Center in Troy with her husband, and with local artist John Hartley, and at the Valdosta National Exhibition in Georgia. She also served as gallery director at Mac Murray College in Illinois, has acted as juror for art exhibits, as art director in various venues, served as art advisor on community art organizations, and has taught workshops and classes from pottery to painting. In recent years Suzy assisted Harry in conducting the Alabama Art Colony and the Mississippi Art Colony Workshops.  

Suzanne is a painter whose life and art have been intertwined with that of her husband, artist Harry Ally since the mid1970s. Beginning as his muse and the subject study of Harry’s masters’ thesis painting series, Suzy went on to become his wife, business manager, IT/webmaster, gallery liaison, color influence and process inventor.

In spring of 2012 Suzanne began working with Shane Carter, Executive Director of Lincoln Community Center to create the Lincoln Art House. Now as Executive Director of Lincoln Art House she is renovating the building and creating a continuously changing method of studying and making art and music with children.


Suzy's writings about her painting and art in general can be found on her website but when asked for insight into her work, she prefers to give these word clues and phrases: LINES & GRIDS - are for keeping random thought boats from floating away, GOLD & CRYSTALS - metaphysical powers, symbols, healing, love, new beginnings, COPPER - Venus & Aphrodite, the scientific symbol Cu, you see?, CACHE - a safe place for hiding valuables, ATTIC - atelier? a place to create and learn, the topmost part of the brain, the creative center, TREEHOUSE - a time to play, to commune with the true inner child, CONNECTING DOTS, HEIRLOOM - hair loom, Hare loom, Harry looms over me, STORAGE - baggage and goodwill, ENVELOPE & ENVELOP, QUILTS & PATTERNS - trapped in a pattern or secure in a cozy quilt?  She prefers to ask the viewer to name what they see and then solve the mystery for themselves. 


Although Suzanne has always been a colorist, in the mid1990s she began experimenting with mediums and developed a texture process that both she and Harry have been using in their paintings since that time. She has openly shared this process in workshops across the country encouraging others to develop their own unique ways of working with the medium. Currently as she continues to refine and change the texture process, she is also experimenting with some of Harry's and her own paintings to create a glazing process to enhance depth, color, and atmosphere.


In 2006 Suzy returned to the charming city of Troy, Ohio where she has been painting and teaching art from her home studio. She takes particular joy in creating a safe art studio space for young children where they may work their way through the artistic stages of development as she teaches them the language of art. The more she watches children paint, the more Suzy is enlightened to free up her expressive inhibitions and find her own inner voice. Using this concept of accessing the inner essence she also helps adult students break free of restrictive habits of thinking and mis-concepts about art that interfere with the creative expression and to reconnect with their own childlike qualities of wonder and trust.

Selected Bio & Exhibition List:  

    *  1975 to Present Assistant & Gallery Liaison for Harry Ally - website, PR, etc.

    *  Workshop assistant @Mississippi Art Colony & Alabama Art Colony

    *  1995 to 2008 Owner Ally Art Studios - Custom painting, murals, faux, color & interior design consulting

    *  3 Woman Show, Lori Middleton Interiors, Troy, Ohio

    *  Solo Exhibition, Night Sky, Troy, Ohio

    *  Valdosta National [Award], VSU Gallery, Valdosta, GA

    *  Recent Work: Suzanne and Harry Ally, 621 Gallery, Tallahassee, FL

    *  Group Exhibition, Valdosta State University, Valdosta, GA

    *  Two Person Exhibition: Suzanne Ally & Ray Yeager, VSU Gallery

    *  Three Texas Artists: Harry Ally, Suzanne Ally, & John Hartley Exhibition, Hayner Cultural Center, Troy, OH

    *  Solo Exhibition, Tarrant County Junior College, Fort Worth Texas

    *  Texas College Art Show [Award], Mountainview College, Dallas, Texas

    *  BFA @ Texas Christian University on the 4-yr. Nordan Fine Arts Scholarship

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